Gordon Services brings together people that love people and want to provide for each other.

Suzanne Gordon believes that we can change the lives of young people early on by providing them with motivation and skills to be productive citizens. She believes that the results of this work can change the world. Suzanne created Gordon Services as a way to organize her personal efforts to help young people into something others could participate in. Most importantly, Suzanne inspires others by looking for opportunities to help young people in ways that other people sometimes fail to see. She leads Gordon Services as they continue to create a legacy of helping those God puts in our path by doing whatever needs to be done to provide for these young people.

Today, Gordon Services has raised over $72,000 that is used to support young people as they acquire experience and create lives for themselves in the professional world. However, there is still more work to do. Please feel free to contact Suzanne to discuss how you can help by providing a donation, providing your time, providing a job or work experience, or by recommending a young person that needs our help.

This is Our Mission

Everything we do is based on these principles

Providing Experience

Many young people lack both education and experience in the areas of financial management.  Gordon Services exposes these young people to the experiences of a professional worker: time reporting, payroll, and deposits.  We also provide education in regard to saving and establishing a savings account.

Providing Assistance

The work achieved through youth employment with Gordon Services proves beneficial not only to the workers themselves, but also to the community.  In some circumstances, we will pay a young adult to work at another non-profit.

Providing Christian Ethical Values

Change in a young person’s life occurs only through a long-term relationship afforded with love, help, and understanding.   Hope for a better future comes from faith in a loving God who holds the future in his hands.


Meet Our Board Members

Suzanne Gordon
Board Chair and Executive Director
Jeanette Bell
Vice Chair of the Board
Nathaniel Branscomb
Treasurer of the Board
Emily Gordon
Secretary of the Board
T.Gregg Doucette
Board Member