First Blog Post

This summer we have a State math grad and an Enloe Senior helping out at Wake Young Men’s Leadership academy,WYMLA, summer school.  This idea came from my son, Stuart Gordon who is pictured and who is a teacher at WYMLA.   Last year the teacher running the summer school program was not a math teacher and they felt like the students needed someone to help in Math.   Wake County Public School System provides funds for just one part time position at each school for summer recovery programs.  This is our test case and if it works out we may expand to other schools that need help in the summer of 2017.   We can help older academically successful students who need a job and at the same time help the students that need academic tutoring.

The NC State grad who is working for Gordon Services in this tutoring position had just finished an internship and is headed into graduate school.  He was in need of a job till school started.   The young lady,who is an excellent student at Enloe needed a paying job and work experience