How we’ve been helping Young Adults in the Community

Gordon Services is always helping young people with resumes and job hunting. Right now I have a particularly interesting young man I am trying to help. He is very smart and talented. He has a degree but had a rough two years with drug addiction. He has been clean for over a year now His degree is in the sciences and he really likes writing, he feels like he would be a great go-between helping lay people understand science and technology. If anyone knows of someone that would take a chance on him please send them my way. He has been very diligent in his job hunting following up on numerous leads. He is presently working in a restaurant job.

This summer and fall we helped a young lady at WYWLA satisfy her internship requirement for graduation. She wants to be Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant so she worked for us at Preston Pointe, an independent living facility.

We also have two State students who are working at Communities in Schools of Wake County. One is getting more experience in web programming by helping with the CIS Web site and also helping with the Gordon Services web site. The other is using his previous finance experience to help CIS and help pay for his degree in Civil Engineering with the money he is making. In this case, I think he may be helping us more than we are helping him!

Some of my older former colleagues when they find out I like to help people find jobs have reached out to me for assistance. Though it does not exactly fit my model I am happy to help in whatever way I can since I do have many connections and a vast network. I enjoy helping people find employment.

We have also helped three young people this year that just needed some cash for gas to get to work. We helped one of them purchase a car. Just some of the things we do.

We try to help wherever God leads us.